BLE Connected Devices

Bluetooth Low Energy
Connected Devices

Flexible IIoT Technology

Our system connects with up to six 3rd party off-the-shelf sensors that can be Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) paired to the Personal Safety Monitors and to the Global Asset Monitor Mobile Apps at the same time. 

Biometric data can be collected through off-the-shelf biometric heart rate monitors, body temperature sensors, ambient temperature and humidity sensors, distress / panic buttons etc.

External off-the-shelf gas sensors can be BLE paired to our system to collect data on i.e. hydrogen, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), radiation, dust etc. making the Universal Site Monitoring’s connected worker solution a versatile and flexible personal monitoring system.

Universal Site Monitoring is currently working on other BLE devices that can be paired to the personal safety monitoring system, like the Clip-On Gas MPS Sensors that are also able to capture the ambient humidity. 

If you are a supplier of sensors-based products with BLE capability that could deliver interesting data to our system, please get in touch through