Connectivity & position tracking
anywhere, any time.

The Mesh Access Point (MAP) is a proprietary wireless access point developed specifically for use with Universal Site Monitoring’s personal safety system. The access point is based on Mesh Networking technology, enabling the provision of a multi-device access point mesh network topology. 

The devices enable data to be transmitted wirelessly in areas where usually communication would be impossible or unreliable, by creating a network of devices that can transmit data to the Universal Data Interface smart alert & navigation system interface.

The Mesh Access Point can be rapidly deployed into most industrial environments, giving organisations the ability to extend the range of their Personal Safety Monitoring (PSM) capabilities. 

The system also allows for position tracking where regular GPS is unavailable or unsuitable, utilising multi-lateration technology. The Personal Safety Monitor is designed to make use of our multi-lateration technology, ensuring accurate location sensing and worker safety metrics in real-time.

Features and Benefits


Multiple access point mesh networking in remote and underground locations. Personal Safety Monitors can extend the range for data communications


– Even in underground or confined space thanks to uni-, bi- and trilateration technology



Up to 50 metres inter-access point mesh network connectivity, which can be in series or in a disbursed range extending the data range of Personal Safety Monitors


Built-in and external antenna options for more system flexibility


The product can be made available also in Intrinsically Safe casing for use in hazardous areas (ATEX Zone 2)

Additional Highlights:

With the addition of the Iridium Satellite chip, this product becomes a Satellite Mesh Access Point

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